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Who's in the Studio?
What goes on in the Studio?
What's on this site?
Kid's Wall Art Framing
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Once the art is in your hands
Who's in the studio?

What is Anna Bondoc?
Anna Bondoc is an art and design studio that creates art for everyday enjoyment. All products reflect the spirit of its co-founder, Anna: her love of pattern; bold, abstract shapes; texture and color.

Who is the company named after?
Anna Bondoc (pronounced Bonn-dock) is the artist. A mom. An all-around great person of Filipino descent whose surname means "big mountain." She creates EVERYTHING on this site. The art. The font on the nameplates. The logo. Oh, and if you ever meet her, she may make you a meal. She was a former chef and she loves to cook.

Who runs the business?
Architect and co-founder, Vanessa Trice Peter, is the dynamo who makes the business run –- well, purr, really. She manages the Anna Bondoc brand, oversees the web site, and steers the company's organizational direction. She has so much web and marketing experience that she could probably start a site in her sleep (if she did sleep). Oh, and if you ever meet her, she may make you laugh by performing a belly dance for you or showing you her Wii guitar skills.

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What goes on in the studio?

What materials does Anna use?
Anna works only in high-quality, medium-weight, archival-quality paper & glue. She uses an X-acto knife and blade to cut. All work is created and assembled in Los Angeles, California.

What's with all the layers? What's Anna's design process?
Read about Anna's unique design process and how she creates her layered work.

What is an Anna Bondoc original?
Anna first sketches a design, then she cuts it out in paper. And cuts. And cuts some more until she's happy with the colors and shapes. After a few prototypes, she creates an original. We don't sell them (at least not yet). If you really want a hand-cut original, let us create something custom or check out our haiku design pods.

Is all of the art hand cut?
Though every piece you see was designed and hand-cut by Anna, the thousands of paper layers required to produce limited edition pattern art are produced with a state-of-the-art laser cutting process. Anna does cut all abstract art and haiku design pods by hand, and all pieces, whether laser- or hand-cut, are hand-assembled with great care. 

What do you mean by an Anna Bondoc "limited edition"?
Each piece in the "Pattern Art" and the "Nameplate" category is laser cut in a grouping of 100 in a particular colorway. (That's a fancy term for the color combination used in a single design.) Colorways may change (and Anna does like to play with color to keep things fresh). Depending on a limited edition's popularity, we may alter, add or subtract colorways.

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What's on the site?

What different kinds of products do you offer?
We offer Pattern Art, Abstract Art, Children's Nameplates, and Custom Art. See next 4 items for details.

What is Anna Bondoc "Pattern Art"?
These designs feature brightly colored graphic motifs repeated in a distinct pattern. Each piece is laser-cut, layered and glued by hand. We create limited edition runs based on colorways in batches of 100. Once they are sold, we may bring them back again based on popularity or Anna may introduce a new colorway. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the piece to be assembled, framed and shipped.

What is Anna Bondoc "Abstract Art?"
Anna's "off the grid" pieces are less about pattern and more about artistically arranged shapes. They retain her playfully sophisticated way with color, generous use of negative space, and attention to detail. All are hand-cut at the time the order is placed. Please allow up to 4 weeks for each custom piece of work to be cut, assembled, framed, and shipped.

What is an Anna Bondoc nameplate?
Pick a pattern, choose a name, and Anna Bondoc creates a one-of-a-kind nameplate in her signature layered method. All nameplates are laser-cut unless you prefer the custom colorway route. For custom work, send us pictures or swatches and we can create the perfect gift for the child in your life.

What is Anna Bondoc custom art?
Several of Anna's clients fell in love with Anna's signature style and process and asked her to come up with something just for their home, nursery, office, or event. Read about how we can design just to your specifications.

How are the pieces framed?
Pieces are custom-framed to Anna Bondoc specifications using wood and plexiglass, which is prized for its shatterproof and lightweight qualities. All art is "floated" inside a shadow-box frame to give depth. Nameplates may be framed in 3 shades of 1.25" wood frames; pattern and abstract art is framed in 2"-deep high-quality maple. All custom pieces are framed to a client's specifications. Please contact us if you prefer to use UV plexi or museum-quality glass.

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Kids' Wall Art Frames - Our Art, Framed Your Way

Choose from 2 ways to receive your nameplate:

  • Basic Frame - For the art print enthusiast. We refer to this as "photography style" since the art is secured beneath a mat border, like a professionally framed photograph. (If you prefer a more dimensional effect, check out our shadowbox frame, in which the art floats above the mat.)
  • Shadowbox Frame - For those in search of an heirloom-quality keepsake. The art floats delicately above the mat, providing a view of the art's multiple layers. Plus, the extra-deep frame gives the piece dimension and shadow, showcasing the art beautifully.

Your shopping experience with us

Where can I buy your art?
Here online or in select stores. To see where we are hanging in your city, visit Where to buy.

Are the colors I see on the site (or in your other informational materials) the same as those of the piece that I'll get in the mail?
For the most part, yes. But color monitors are all different, so what you see onscreen is bound to be at least slightly different from the actual paper. Also, when Anna makes a piece, she may make minor changes to color, shape, or placement in order to maintain quality and design integrity. These minor design differences don't necessarily indicate defectiveness. In fact, we think these distinctions are the mark of true craftsmanship and make your purchase that much more special.

What if I need to return a piece?
We work hard to make sure you are completely delighted with your Anna Bondoc purchase. If by chance you aren't, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on most items with no restocking fees. Read our complete return policy.

If I subscribe to your email updates, will you keep my information private?
Yes!  Read our complete privacy policy.

Why should I sign up for email updates?
Our company is growing and expanding daily. We'd like you to be there with us every step of the way. For example, we are currently working on fabrics and other products and believe it's important to source materials (and fabrication methods) that are based in the U.S.A. Sign up and we will keep you posted about our new venture on our blog and Facebook pages.

I want to gift an Anna Bondoc piece but let the recipient choose.
We provide beautifully designed gift cards upon request. Contact us and we'll be happy to make arrangements.

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Once the art is in our hands…

How should I clean my framed art?
Plexiglass is best cleaned with cheesecloth and Novus #1 or Brillianize (these are available at art stores or When in doubt, use water and a soft cloth. Never use cleaners such as Windex or 409. They will harm your new piece of art.

How should I hang the frame?
We hang well with others! Each framed piece has a sturdy hanging wire on the back side. Using a hammer, place a nail carefully into a wall with a stud (stud finders are available at any hardware store) and hang your piece. Two plastic bumpers at the frame's back base will help keep your piece vertically aligned.

You might also consider the modern trend of installing a frame shelf, which is a beautiful wood or metal shelf with a lip on which you can lean one or more Anna Bondoc pieces with ease and flair.

Where should I hang the piece?
Anywhere that pleases you, but please avoid direct sunlight exposure for long periods of time as this may cause the paper to fade.

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