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About Us


About Us
Anna Bondoc pieces are part art, part décor, and completely covetable.  Anna's distinctive use of color, texture, and pattern gives the art a tactile, sensual quality that invites viewers to come closer. Her patterns come to life organically as she deliberately hand cuts motifs, gluing layers and cutting as she goes. Anna's aesthetic is at once approachable and inspiring, featuring shapes that seem to be quite literally “in flight.” 

Our History
Los Angeles-based creatives and independent spirits Anna Bondoc and Vanessa Peter met at their daughters' pre-school and bonded over raising bi-racial daughters who wore wacky outfits. Later, Vanessa invited Anna to join her book club, where Vanessa confided her dream to "manage a great brand." The wheels spun madly for Anna, who had just started making art again. The rest is history — one filled with business meals, mountains of colored paper, X-acto blades, and shelves of art and design books. Combining their unique skill sets, the pair set out to create art that hangs well with others.

Meet Anna and Vanessa
Anna arrived at her art & design career in zigzag fashion -- writing, cooking, teaching -- coming just shy of her artistic dreams. Motherhood forced her to prioritize and eventually she set up a studio. She has been creating and selling her signature art for over three years. Though Vanessa made a career building serious brands online, she always used her trailblazing, entrepreneurial spirit to build fun and useful things like a city news web site or a children's health education exhibit, for example. Seeing the natural fit between their talents and strengths, Anna and Vanessa decided to take their show on the road: Anna as the artist, creating, cutting life into layers; and Vanessa as the architect, turning this start-up-that-could into a full-fledged brand.

Our Products
All Anna Bondoc pieces are art for everyday enjoyment – thoughtfully created and ready to hang.

Our product offerings include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pattern Art – Simple yet bold, graphic motifs worth repeating.
  • Abstract Art – Anna’s “off the grid” pieces less about pattern and more about artistic arrangement.
  • Kids' Wall Art – A child’s name or initial turned to art.

  • Notecards -  Multi-layered stationery that begs to be touched.
  • Custom – Anna's custom pieces for clients with personal and business-related needs.